Artist Statement Art by Ana Luca


Welcome, I’m Ana Luca. I help people live more inspired and entertained lives by visualizing creative possibilities. As an artist and writer, I create graffitied pop-impressionist wall art and custom portraits for millennial tastes. My art themes showcase playful humor, confidence, and perseverance to uplift and support you in living your best life. I also create commissioned art for individuals who prefer personalized content and experiences.


My art style and production process are not within art world norms, instead reflecting our millennial values of rebellious innovation, tolerance for differences, and expressive individuality. My art mediums blur online and offline realities characteristic of our culture by overlapping analogue art with digital art. I apply digital hand-painted graffiti on top of my original paintings and photography to achieve a street art aesthetic for interior spaces. The final artwork is printed on an innovative modern canvas fabric or gallery-quality paper.


When painting, I use a signature modern-impressionist brush stroke and vibrant pop colors to create a sense of movement, energy, and freedom—embodying the spirit of how we seek to live our lives. My photography grabs viewers' attention with creativity and meaningful captions, giving a nod to our meme-culture employing writing to upgrade visual experiences. The subject matter of my paintings and photography draws from urban living, pop culture, and biographical life experiences relatable to our generation.


Ultimately, I create art for the same reasons my clients buy my art: for visual entertainment, personal expression, and desire to create a legacy of positive impact.  My hope is that this art leaves a lasting impact of meaningful value and beauty in your hearts and minds, using art to personally connect us.


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Popstar Landing and Another One Art by Ana Luca


Celebrity Spirit Animals Art by Ana Luca


Jungle | art by Ana Luca