Artist Statement Art by Ana Luca

Ana Luca ® is a talented European-American artist and writer who imbues her art with a mesmerizing sense of sincerity, youthful exuberance, and personality. Her drive is to create art that is not only reminiscent of her own feelings and experiences but also those of her viewers, using art to entertain and form connections. Her Good Dog illustration collection is a great example, demonstrating metaphor-rich humor and light-hearted imagery brimming with relatability. Luca employs a variety of techniques in her work such as symbolism, use of vibrant colors, and broad brush strokes to energize her audience toward achieving greatness. Feelings of optimism, encouragement, and inspiration emanate throughout Luca’s collections.

Ana Luca also understands the importance of improving climate change and sustaining our environment, which is why she utilizes eco-friendly instruments such as metal frames in contrast to wood when creating her canvases. Her art takes advantage of a digital color palette to reduce environmental pollution attributed to toxic spray paints, acrylics, and oils. With these methods, she takes pride in contributing toward a brighter future in which herself and other artists can thrive.

Ana Luca began her journey in the art world at a young age. Having come from a family of artists, she has spent years studying and honing her craft to reach new peaks. Originally inspired by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Jack Vettriano for their contemporary and impressionist styles; Luca now incorporates modernistic and pop-impressionist elements in her work. The uniqueness of Luca’s art is in her meticulousness and diversity of artistic elements implemented across her collections. Whether the viewer is looking for an abstract painting or a comedic photo, Luca makes it simple for her audience to find the ideal composition that fits the desired atmosphere.

Luca's ever-growing portfolio manifests in a wide range of paintings, graffiti art, photography, poetry, and apparel that encapsulates the essence of her creativity. Her prolific web gallery continues to expand, having produced over 100 artworks available to browse and purchase. Luca’s work has already attracted a number of high-profile viewers far and wide, ranging from television hosts on The Masked Singer to reality TV stars appearing on such shows as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Showing no signs of slowing down, Luca continues to pursue her passion and expand her creative output. With themes revolving around modern culture and personal connections, Luca has designed a platform to broaden horizons and cultivate interest in every facet of the art world.

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Art by Ana Luca Writer Statement


Ana Luca ® is the writer of the poetry collection, “The People We Meet”. This collection shares stories about moments and people that shape us in life. It is a series of relatable, short narrative poems that highlights the relationships we have with ourselves and with others. The purpose of the text is to help readers process their personal experiences, recognize their worth in times it is questioned, and feel less alone in their circumstances.

As a child, Luca dreamed of becoming an author and illustrator. She drew inspiration from the imaginary worlds created in children’s books by authors Shel Silverstein, Beverly Cleary, and Roald Dahl. When she realized that her words have power and can change people's lives, she felt compelled to share her writing.

Words are our most powerful weapons and medicine, capable of weighing people down or lifting them up. Ana Luca’s mission is to use her words to uplift readers so that their hearts are instilled with hope, comfort, and motivation to live as their best selves.


Book published by Ana Luca


In The Shadows Poetry by Ana Luca
The Answers Poetry by Ana Luca





Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca ® is a US-based visual artist and multidisciplinary creative. She is a fourth generation European artist descending from a legacy of fine artists: her mother a painter, her grandfather a furniture designer, and her great grandfather a furniture wood sculptor.

Ana Luca transforms her personal life experiences, perspectives, and creative humor into relatable artwork which uplifts and entertains people. Her artistic influences draw from urban living, pop culture, and symbolic metaphors she observes in her environments. She has exhibited her art across the United States. Clients collect her limited edition paintings and photographs for aesthetic and investment value.



Beyond visual art, Ana Luca's creative background includes music, fashion, acting, and writing. Ana Luca is a four-time university graduate, tri-lingual global citizen, and former international goodwill ambassador. She has lived in five countries and six states. Earlier in life, she immigrated to the United States, taught herself English in three months, and graduated valedictorian of her American high school. She attended competitive universities and received her Master of Business Administration (MBA). After fine tuning her business sensibilities working for Fortune 500 companies, she has approached the sale and use of her art as a business. Her work ethic, detail attention, and high personal standards reflect in her artwork today. 


Painting Process Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca’s family discouraged her from painting and, in fact, forbid her from using coloring supplies as a child. Still, art found her. After studying college art history at age 17, Ana Luca independently ventured the world to admire her favorite masterpieces in person. She soon began clandestinely painting as a self-taught artist, initially teaching herself by replicating oil paintings of Monet and other impressionist masters. Her work garnered praise and encouragement from friends, after which she began exhibiting and became sought after as an art teacher and painter. Since, her artistic production has expanded to include photography, illustration, and digital painting. 

These are the first paintings Ana Luca made in her teens as a self-taught artist.

Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca

Her first drawings at 15 years of age were chalk pastel movie-themed posters she created using her fingers as brushes.

Artist Bio Art by Ana Luca

Her natural artistic skill was inherited. These are some of her mother's paintings, who was also a self-taught artist.

Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca

Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca


Over the years, Ana Luca has produced hundreds of artistic pieces and traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, visiting art museums far and wide. Her favorite artistic discovery was learning that her great grandfather - a sculptor - was a contemporary of renowned modern sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, and they had trained at the same beaux-arts academy in Europe. She had admired Brancusi’s works for years, since reading of him in art history books as a teenager, never knowing the connection between her favorite sculptor and her family.



For the first time, Ana Luca ® is offering her private art collection for sale to collectors and art enthusiasts. Clients delight in her playful pop-impressionist paintings, thought-provoking street photography, and graffitied fine art which serve a prelude for her coming rise in the art world.

Don’t wait to invest in Ana Luca’s artwork. Invest and then wait.

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Ana Luca Artist HeadshotArt by Ana Luca Headshot

Ana Luca ® is a comedic illustrator, pop-impressionist painter, and poetic writer who creates human connection by helping people feel entertained, seen, and loved. Whether she is painting amusing portraits of people or dogs, her art cultivates a spirit of fun and a self-belief that we are all uniquely valuable. Her purpose is to make people smile, expand their perspectives, and feel good about themselves – using art to uplift and transform others.

Ana Luca’s artwork has been exhibited across America. She has won awards, been sought after as an art teacher, and illustrates for a streetwear apparel brand. As a well-rounded creative, she has also performed on music concert stages, in commercials, and on public speaking stages for Best Buy, General Motors, and Target.

Luca’s work has already attracted high-profile viewers ranging from television hosts on The Masked Singer to reality TV stars from shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With an abundance of creativity that shows no sign of slowing down, this is only the start for this artist on the rise.












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In addition to visual art, Ana Luca ® is a trained multi-disciplinary performing artist - musician, actress, and model. If you are a brand, submit your booking inquiry below for the following:

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Ana Luca has connected with thousands of spectators over the past 15 years, performing music with stage orchestras, musical theater productions, ensembles, and more. To book Ana Luca for session musician or live performance gigs, complete this Musician Inquiry Form.  

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Ana Luca descends from generations of musical talent; her grandmother was an opera singer and her great grandparents were instrumentalists. Her ten years of professional training in music performance, production, composition, licensing, and business underscores her music professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the music industry. 





Ana Luca is an international voiceover acting talent who has translated and recorded voiceovers for Estée Lauder, General Motors, Ralph Lauren, Electronic Arts, and more. For voiceover bookings, complete this Voiceover Inquiry Form.

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Additionally, she is an award-winning public speaker and professionally trained three years in on-camera acting for commercials, TV, and film before working in media.






Previously represented by modeling and talent agencies across the country, Ana Luca has served as the face of many brands. For commercial bookings, complete this Modeling Inquiry Form.

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The global brands she has represented span retail, technology, consumer packaged goods, and alcoholic beverages.


Model Art By Ana Luca


Model Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca is an emotional architect for visual media. She applies her sensibilities as an actress, musician, and sound artist to translate emotional undercurrents of on-screen action into musical storytelling. Her training and professional experience includes music producing, composition, and licensing for TV/film. The following commercial advertisements all feature music composition, production, and sound design by Ana Luca, for presentation purposes only. 






Artistic Process Art By Ana Luca

Each original artwork is created by Ana Luca™ using a time-intensive, manual process. The final print unifies tactile and digital mediums in a new visual experience, enhanced by her graffiti and captions.




Ana Luca™ produces art using a signature technique unlike any other artist. She classically paints art masterpieces in oil or acrylic on canvas, requiring highly-skilled talent, extensive labor, and premium quality art materials. She then graffitis her own finished work with alternate-reality, digitally-painted elements before reproduction on custom fabric canvas or gallery-quality paper. The end result is an original, avant-garde art print which mirrors the digital age in which we live, produce, and consume content.

Self-Portrait Painting Art by Ana Luca



Top 3 Reasons I Create Eco-Conscious Fine Art



After extensive traveling to photograph candid life moments around the world, Ana Luca captures amusing, thought-provoking, and relatable scenes in some of the most iconic cities. She then digitally hand-illustrates original captions and graffiti over her fine art photography before printing the final piece on museum-quality paper or custom fabric canvas. 

Everyday Humor Collection Art by Ana Luca



Ana Luca's portraiture paintings are digitally painted using her signature modern-impressionist painting technique and pop colors. Her portrait paintings are skillfully hand-painted using a digital palette, then carefully printed on special, silk-smooth polyester fabric made to outlast traditional canvas and gallery paper. The finished painting is assembled on a beautiful contemporary metal frame, included with all Canvas Art orders, or printed using a giclée technique on museum-quality paper.


Celebrity Spirit Animal Collection Art by Ana Luca

Celebrity Portraits Art by Ana Luca








Ana Luca™ offers an exclusive VIP experience for her biggest fans.  If you have purchased more than $2,000 worth of art from Ana Luca in the past 30 days and are subscribed to her A-List newsletter, you are invited to schedule a virtual meet-and-greet to get to know the artist and stories behind your new artwork. Review and complete this Artist Scheduling Inquiry form. * While meetings depend on the artist’s availability and may not be guaranteed for all clients, we make effort to accommodate each request.

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