Artist Statement Art by Ana Luca  

Ana Luca ® is a talented European-American artist and writer who imbues her art with a mesmerizing sense of sincerity, youthful exuberance, and personality. Her drive is to create art that is not only reminiscent of her own feelings and experiences but also those of her viewers, using art to entertain and form connections. Her Good Dog illustration collection is a great example, demonstrating metaphor-rich humor and light-hearted imagery brimming with relatability. Luca employs a variety of techniques in her work such as symbolism, use of vibrant colors, and broad brush strokes to energize her audience toward achieving greatness. Feelings of optimism, encouragement, and inspiration emanate throughout Luca’s collections.

Ana Luca also understands the importance of improving climate change and sustaining our environment, which is why she utilizes eco-friendly instruments such as metal frames in contrast to wood when creating her canvases. Her art takes advantage of a digital color palette to reduce environmental pollution attributed to toxic spray paints, acrylics, and oils. With these methods, she takes pride in contributing toward a brighter future in which herself and other artists can thrive.

Ana Luca began her journey in the art world at a young age. Having come from a family of artists, she has spent years studying and honing her craft to reach new peaks. Originally inspired by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Jack Vettriano for their contemporary and impressionist styles; Luca now incorporates modernistic and pop-impressionist elements in her work. The uniqueness of Luca’s art is in her meticulousness and diversity of artistic elements implemented across her collections. Whether the viewer is looking for an abstract painting or a comedic photo, Luca makes it simple for her audience to find the ideal composition that fits the desired atmosphere.

Luca's ever-growing portfolio manifests in a wide range of paintings, graffiti art, photography, poetry, and apparel that encapsulates the essence of her creativity. Her prolific web gallery continues to expand, having produced over 100 artworks available to browse and purchase. Luca’s work has already attracted a number of high-profile viewers far and wide, ranging from television hosts on The Masked Singer to reality TV stars appearing on such shows as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Showing no signs of slowing down, Luca continues to pursue her passion and expand her creative output. With themes revolving around modern culture and personal connections, Luca has designed a platform to broaden horizons and cultivate interest in every facet of the art world.

Follow her journey on Instagram @artbyanaluca