Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca ® is a US-based visual artist and multidisciplinary creative. She is a fourth generation European artist descending from a legacy of fine artists: her mother a painter, her grandfather a furniture designer, and her great grandfather a furniture wood sculptor.

Ana Luca transforms her personal life experiences, perspectives, and creative humor into relatable artwork which uplifts and entertains people. Her artistic influences draw from urban living, pop culture, and symbolic metaphors she observes in her environments. She has exhibited her art across the United States. Clients collect her limited edition paintings and photographs for aesthetic and investment value.



Beyond visual art, Ana Luca's creative background includes music, fashion, acting, and writing. Ana Luca is a four-time university graduate, tri-lingual global citizen, and former international goodwill ambassador. She has lived in five countries and six states. Earlier in life, she immigrated to the United States, taught herself English in three months, and graduated valedictorian of her American high school. She attended competitive universities and received her Master of Business Administration (MBA). After fine tuning her business sensibilities working for Fortune 500 companies, she has approached the sale and use of her art as a business. Her work ethic, detail attention, and high personal standards reflect in her artwork today. 


Painting Process Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca’s family discouraged her from painting and, in fact, forbid her from using coloring supplies as a child. Still, art found her. After studying college art history at age 17, Ana Luca independently ventured the world to admire her favorite masterpieces in person. She soon began clandestinely painting as a self-taught artist, initially teaching herself by replicating oil paintings of Monet and other impressionist masters. Her work garnered praise and encouragement from friends, after which she began exhibiting and became sought after as an art teacher and painter. Since, her artistic production has expanded to include photography, illustration, and digital painting. 


These are the first paintings Ana Luca made in her teens as a self-taught artist.


Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca 


Her first drawings at 15 years of age were chalk pastel movie-themed posters she created using her fingers as brushes.


Artist Bio Art by Ana Luca


Her natural artistic skill was inherited. These are some of her mother's paintings, who was also a self-taught artist.


Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca

Artist Bio Art By Ana Luca


Over the years, Ana Luca has produced hundreds of artistic pieces and traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, visiting art museums far and wide. Her favorite artistic discovery was learning that her great grandfather - a sculptor - was a contemporary of renowned modern sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, and they had trained at the same beaux-arts academy in Europe. She had admired Brancusi’s works for years, since reading of him in art history books as a teenager, never knowing the connection between her favorite sculptor and her family.



For the first time, Ana Luca ® is offering her private art collection for sale to collectors and art enthusiasts. Clients delight in her playful pop-impressionist paintings, thought-provoking street photography, and graffitied fine art which serve a prelude for her coming rise in the art world.

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