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The People We Meet Poetry Book 5.83" X 8.27" Paperback Book - Second Edition

  • The People We Meet Poetry Book by Ana Luca

Ana Luca LLC

The People We Meet Poetry Book 5.83" X 8.27" Paperback Book - Second Edition


The People We Meet is a collection of 180+ poems reflecting on our relationships with people and with ourselves. It helps readers build a foundation for healthier, happier relationships by elevating their self-concept and processing their relationship experiences. The book explores the effect that different types of relationships have on our self-concepts and delivers empowering messages to uplift readers.

The people we meet in life—friends, lovers, family, coworkers, strangers—can influence how we think and feel about ourselves. They can leave both positive and negative impressions in our self- esteem. How you perceive yourself determines the types of relationships you attract. If you do not recognize your own value, neither will others.

If you have experienced unsatisfying relationships, look inward and reflect on the relationship you have with yourself. It sets the tone for how others will treat you.

Through the lens of Ana Luca's interpersonal experiences, this book of poetic stories offers you the opportunity to explore your self-belief, self- value, love, relationship concerns, self-acceptance, and belonging. By developing greater understanding and appreciation for who you are through introspection, you can begin living more authentically to your happiness. Happiness does not come from others; it starts from within you.

Furthermore, if you haven't worked through your past relationships, emotional baggage can carry over into your future relationships and detract from their success.

The People We Meet encourages you to examine the thoughts and feelings in your emotional cache, so you may process and clear them to make space for more meaningful relationships.

May this poetry collection serve as a guide for you to enhance your self-concept, find your inner peace, and navigate toward fulfilling life relationships.


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Paperback book features beautiful in-color front and back covers, matte cover finish, and black text printed on quality white paper in interior of book.


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5.83" X 8.27"




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