In addition to visual art, Ana Luca™ is a trained multi-disciplinary performing artist - musician, actress, and model. If you are a brand, submit your booking inquiry below for the following:

Music Artist

Voiceover Artist


Music Composer



Ana Luca has connected with thousands of spectators over the past 15 years, performing music with stage orchestras, musical theater productions, ensembles, and more. To book Ana Luca for session musician or live performance gigs, complete this Musician Inquiry Form

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Ana Luca descends from generations of musical talent; her grandmother was an opera singer and her great grandparents were instrumentalists. Her ten years of professional training in music performance, production, composition, licensing, and business underscores her music professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the music industry. 






Ana Luca is an international voiceover acting talent who has translated and recorded voiceovers for Estée Lauder, General Motors, Ralph Lauren, Electronic Arts, and more. For voiceover bookings, complete this Voiceover Inquiry Form.

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Additionally, she is an award-winning public speaker and professionally trained three years in on-camera acting for commercials, TV, and film before working in media.






Previously represented by modeling and talent agencies across the country, Ana Luca has served as the face of many brands. For commercial bookings, complete this Modeling Inquiry Form.

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The global brands she has represented span retail, technology, consumer packaged goods, and alcoholic beverages.


Model Art By Ana Luca


Model Art By Ana Luca



Ana Luca is an emotional architect for visual media. She applies her sensibilities as an actress, musician, and sound artist to translate emotional undercurrents of on-screen action into musical storytelling. Her training and professional experience includes music producing, composition, and licensing for TV/film. The following commercial advertisements all feature music composition, production, and sound design by Ana Luca, for presentation purposes only.