All of Ana Luca's artworks are original, produced in limited edition copies of 10-20 pieces. Buying artwork from an edition benefits you, the client, because you have better opportunity of securing the one art piece you love before it sells out. It also improves your ability to purchase other complementary artworks within your favorite collection before they sell out, enabling you to create a consistent home decor aesthetic. As the editions sell out, the prices increase, meaning early art buyers benefit from the best deals and highest profit potential if they choose to later sell their editions at appreciated value.


Desktop View | Art by Ana Luca


Ana Luca's artistic process reflects the creative, tech-savvy, disruptive innovation millennials have introduced and embraced in the world. A millennial herself, her new art production methods mirror the digital age in which we live, produce, and consume content.


Ana Luca™ produces her paintings using a signature technique unlike any other artist: one which combines tactile and digital canvases. She classically paints an art masterpiece in oil or acrylic on gallery-stretched canvas, requiring highly-skilled talent, extensive labor, and premium quality art materials. She transfers her completed painting onto a digital canvas, where she then graffiti’s her own artwork with abstract, digitally hand-painted elements. The new, wholly original art piece is carefully printed on a special, silk-smooth fabric canvas or matte gallery-quality paper and sold in limited quantity.


Her process for photography artwork involves time traveling to a destination, using a digital SLR camera to capture an image, digitally hand-painting graffiti or illustrations on top of the image, and transferring the artwork to a final canvas or paper —unifying photography and painting mediums.


Medium | Art by Ana Luca




Ana Luca's artwork designs can be purchased on your choice of canvas or paper medium.


Her canvas artwork is unlike anything you've seen, revolutionized to outlast traditional canvas wear and tear. Her modernization of the outdated canvas medium benefits you as the client by making large art pieces easier to transport than traditional canvases, lighter to hang, more flexible in structure to reduce damage, and washable in the event of stains. We also include a specially-designed, contemporary frame with your order, saving you the hassle and expense of buying a separate frame to fit your new art.


Ana Luca's canvas artwork is produced from water-based ink on 100% woven polyester fabric canvas, 0.45mm thick, with matte-knit texture and special silicone strips sewn along the rim of the canvas. The edges insert into the beautifully-designed custom frame included with your order for a perfectly stretched, impressive appearance. The finished artwork is printed using a dye-sublimation technique, applying heat to transfer ink onto fabric. View a sample canvas artwork HERE.


Art paper prints are made with ink on museum-grade, premium archival matte paper. The artwork is printed using a giclée printing technique, applying a superior inkjet process onto paper. Paper prints do not include frames; this offers clients the freedom to select mattes and frames that best complement their unique home decor styles.



Dream Art by Ana Luca



Ana Luca's Legacy painting collection depicts reflective, personal life experiences made relatable through metaphors. She uses her body as the figurative model, due to the personal subject matter. The themes of this collection encourage the viewer's resilience, strength, and empowerment in navigating uncertainty.


Her painting style unifies classic traditions with modern tastes - overlapping her impressionist paintings with abstraction. The paintings display bold colors dimmed by darkness. This is symbolic of the darkness of life hardships and the potential we carry to re-color our lives.


Ana Luca employs unconventional style choices and process, preferring to make art for rule-breakers rather than people who subscribe to expected norms. As such, the Legacy collection assimilates contrasting combinations outside art norms: street art vs. high art, tangible vs. digital painting, representational vs. abstract shapes, linen canvas vs. fabric canvas material.



Glamour Estate Art by Ana Luca 



Ana Luca's Celebrity Spirit Animals painting collection features familiar public figures in their elements—entertainers and entrepreneurs who have made millennials smile, awe, or wonder through their talents. She translates their personalities into colors and includes reference objects, nodding to the unique impact each individual's passions has made in our lives. Each celebrity serves as a role model depicting the power of vulnerability, confidence, and humor to transform lives.


Her portraiture paintings are digitally painted using her signature modern-impressionist painting technique and pop colors. Her subjects are playfully depicted in bold colors, with visible brush strokes.



Here Birdie Birdie Art by Ana Luca



The Everyday Humor photography collection engages the viewer's spirit for entertainment and creativity. It depicts photography graffitied with illustrated comedic figures and captions, lending alternative interpretations of daily circumstances.


Like all her photography, this series encourages viewers to expand their creative perspectives by viewing seemingly ordinary circumstances in new ways. It demonstrates the possibility to find humor and positivity in any situation, gives reasons to smile daily, and inspires levity of mood in any room.



 Pineapples Playing Mind Games Art by Ana Luca



The Life of Pineapple photography series engages the viewer with entertainment and storytelling, through the personification of a pineapple. Ana Luca's creative choice of using a pineapple to represent home life came in spring 2020, during the isolation and entertainment-deprivation of quarantine. When she remarked similarity between the pineapple sitting on her kitchen counter and a human head, she began telling the story of her quarantine experience through the Life of Pineapple photography series as a means of entertaining herself. It evolved into a beautiful collection of photographs which infuse rooms with an atmosphere of fun.


Ana Luca’s Life of Pineapple photography exhibits subdued colors, mirroring the dulled rhythm of life at home. Pineapple's life is average but is curated to look extraordinary, presented in a humorous fashion. Her photography style for this collection gives the sense that the viewer is looking through the personal social media posts of a Pineapple. Staged lifestyle highlights with luxe color filter embody the self-promotional, documentary habits of our millennial generation.



Surf And Sun Art by Ana Luca



Ana Luca's Maxim Life street photography series is a visual journal of the life lessons and observations she has gleaned walking the globe. It conveys that meaning and beauty can be found all around us when we raise our awareness of our surroundings and reflect.


Her Maxim Life street photography is characterized by dark, black and white tones to reflect the gritty nature of urban living. It lends contrast to her colorful hand-painted commentary which pops with prominence. She engages the viewer's spirit of adventure in highlighting scenery from various cities such as Los Angeles,  New York City, Budapest, Barcelona, and others. The themes of this artwork encourage self-reflection, strength, and appreciation for diversity of cultures and perspectives.


Brooklyn Storm Art by Ana Luca




The Side By Side Illustration Collection depicts the time-honored tradition of chivalry, featuring couples in classic 1960s fashion. While our modern generation may have evolved new standards of decorum, treating women with appreciation is always in vogue.  This series preserves the memory of classic etiquette through didactic illustrations.


The style of this illustration series is a throwback to mid-century editorial publications in which advertisements and lifestyle pictures in magazines were commonly hand-illustrated. Each image presents a balance of rich colors and negative white space to create a light visual mood.  It leaves space for imagination to fill. The illustrations are hand-painted with virtual watercolor brushes and printed on fine art paper.


Side By Side Art by Ana Luca