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Gold Is Gold 30" X 60" Beach Towel

  • Gold Is Gold Beach Towel by Ana Luca

Ana Luca LLC

Gold Is Gold 30" X 60" Beach Towel

You’ll meet small believers
Who say your worth
depends on the perceiver.

But gold is gold
You need not change.
Their appreciation
Is just deranged.

You come from stars
They cannot reach.
Don’t let small people
shrink your self-belief.

[”Gold Is Gold” poem and art by Ana Luca © 2021]

Super soft, plush beach towel featuring original artwork. Colorfully printed on cozy terry and soft poly face fabric.

30" X 60"

52% cotton, 48% polyester
Printed on one side only
Non-printed side made of terry fabric for higher water-absorbency

Shipping is available to United States addresses only. Each beach towel is made-to-order in the US and leaves our studio in 6-9 business days. Please allow 2-7 additional business days for standard shipping.

We are unable to offer order cancellations, refunds, or exchanges. All sales are final.


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