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Too Late 30" X 60" Beach Towel

  • Too Late Beach Towel by Ana Luca

Ana Luca LLC

Too Late 30" X 60" Beach Towel


You’re too late, Chance
I’m old and I’m gray
I can’t meet you outside
‘Cause my luck’s worn away.

Why didn’t you find me
When I was young and carefree.
I wasn’t afraid, then,
Of who I could be.

Now go away, Chance
Let me rest in peace.
I’ve settled my mind
On what I’ve left behind.

[”Too Late” poem and art by Ana Luca © 2021]

Super soft, plush beach towel featuring original artwork. Colorfully printed on cozy terry and soft poly face fabric.

30" X 60"

52% cotton, 48% polyester
Printed on one side only
Non-printed side made of terry fabric for higher water-absorbency

Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Colors may fade in wash.

Shipping is available to United States addresses only. Each beach towel is made-to-order in the US and leaves our studio in 6-9 business days. Please allow 2-7 additional business days for standard shipping.

We are unable to offer order cancellations, refunds, or exchanges. All sales are final.


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